ATLAS: EARTH is a new mobile-first gaming experience where you can buy "real world" plots of land on the actual planet. These plots will pay you virtual rent you can actually cash out.

If you own 20 parcels,
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The entire United States is split into 30ft x 30ft parcels that you can buy. Claim a parcel starting at just $5. Watch your rent grow* and cash out rent via Paypal, or use your income to buy more land and become a Tycoon. Climb the global leaderboards of top land owners. 

*unvested virtual rent. Withdraw at $5.00

We believe the metaverse can be the future of more than just games. We believe technology should pay its fair share back and be a path to help people make supplemental income via experiences they enjoy.

Although our mission is to help everyone win and make money, ATLAS: EARTH should not be viewed as a replacement for income or as a pure investment. 

Watch our trailer below, and download now to get started.

Yes, the rent is in $USD. Most parcels of land pay $.0000000015 per second 365, whether you are online or offline. Furthermore, all players can boost their rent permanently by adding to their passport, boosting up to 50% of the rent of all their lands. Lastly, players can also watch ads once an hour to boost their rent by up to 30X


We get it, not everyone has extra cash to pay for premium currency. That's why we're partnering with a growing list of retailers that will GIVE YOU premium in app currency for every dollar spent  at their stores. 

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