The ATLAS metaverse has over 100,000+ monthly active users located in all 50 US States. Our merchant program drives thousands of transactions a week and can bring players to your business who spend money!

Through our industry-leading deal with VISA, our players only get our in-game benefits when they spend money at your store. Better yet, the more they spend - the more they get!

On average, our program increases player visits by 15% and player average order value by 10%!

Step 1

Our players connect their VISA card to partake in merchant missions

Step 2

Our game surfaces the available merchant within 30 miles of the players current location. 

Step 3 - one time

Players connect their VISA card to our platform. They only need to do this once.

Step 4

Players spend money at your Store

Step 5

In almost real-time, the player will get rewarded in game per dollar spent*

*The rewarded per dollar amount is set by the merchant

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