Our mission at ATLAS: EARTH is to create a fun experience that is the future of cataloguing travel while allowing dedicated players to earn supplemental passive income.

ATLAS: EARTH is a game first. You should never put more money into ATLAS: EARTH than that you are willing to lose. ATLAS: EARTH is not suggested as an investment vehicle.

In 2020, mobile games made over $100,000,000,000 from in-app purchases made by players. What did the players have to show for it after it's all said and done? Nothing. Big game companies are making massive profits and giving nothing back. We aim to change that. 

We live in a world of mass speculation. We want to be the other side of the coin. A metaverse built on top of the real world where you can slowly but surely amass a virtual real estate empire where each parcel will add to a supplemental passive income stream. Dedicated players can earn free parcels over time via hunts, cashing in accrued income, or shopping with our partners and more.

We have created a unique cash back system. Instead of hoarding all the profits, we share a portion of our advertising income back with you, the players, in the form of rent per second. We are also setting aside a portion of all sales in our metaverse into funds that generate us more profits. We utilize some of these profits to share back with the universe as well. In short, it's all about giving back so that everyone wins.

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