So, what's next?

Here are the major features our team is busy working on!

Please note that timelines are estimates and not guarantees.

Racer Event Goes Live

Start your engines! We are very close to final stability upgrades that can ensure a stable Racer event. We are shooting for such an event to occur in March - with many more mini-games on the way!

Expected delivery: April 2023

Cash Out - V2

With over $250,000 in cash outs redeemed, we are eager to automate our cash back process so that we can reduce the burden on our team. This means we will have exciting new options such as gift cards and more!

Expected delivery: April 2023

Mastercard Integration

Don't have a VISA card and feel like you're missing out on our AMP program? We got you. We're pleased to share that we are wrapping up final integration so soon Mastercard cardholders will be able to participate in merchant missions.



This feature is a big one! Players will be able to connect cards, accept missions (even on iOS) and buy discounted larger packs of Atlas Bucks.

Done (Access it now @

Super Rent
Boost Event

The development of the Super Rent Boost event is complete, but we are currently undergoing a few server stress tests to make sure we're ready for prime time! This will enable all land owners to boost their rent regardless of the number of parcels they hold.


Soft Ban Warnings

We are building an in-app way to notify players that are either abusing our systems or breaking our Terms of Service. A fair platform is very important to us and this is the first step of many!


In App Help and Support

Players can soon chat with our support reps from right within the game! We are also adding helpful videos and articles for commonly asked questions and problems.

(The virtual rent shown in the demo account is for testing purposes only and not indicative of a real account balance.)


Diamond Wheel
Jackpot Visuals

Winning 50 Atlas Bucks from the diamond wheel is a BIG DEAL! It's actually the jackpot spin - and we're updating the graphics for this particular outcome so that the rarity and outcome is reflected for your screenshotting glory.

(Jackpot amounts shown are for testing purposes only and not indicative of real diamond wheel prizes)


...And Even More!

We have EVEN MORE in the works that we aren't quite ready to share yet! Check back again soon.

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